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December 21st, 2006

01:02 pm - New KROQ Snowboard for Sale
I am selling the following snowboard made only for the World Famous KROQ featuring the band System of a Down:

Link to Ebay Auction Here

Here's the description:

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February 10th, 2006

08:48 am - Ending Soon!

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December 28th, 2005

10:20 am - NEW PURSES!
New items up for sale at THE PURSE LOFT! Happy New Year, everyone!

I also have a favor to ask. I have a cousin who works at Coach and will be getting me some new purses: what are the most popular or your favorite Coach bags right now? Thanks!

Also available in ivory!

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December 5th, 2005

08:16 am
Jeans For Sale!

Recently purchased about a dozen of jeans for myself and a few others as gifts, however, I've placed 4 up for sale (b/c of fit, duplicates, etc). Paper Denim and Cloth, Frankie B, and Farmer Industry all starting off at rock bottom prices:


I may be placing up a pair of Hudsons and Joe's Jeans if a friend doesn't want them, so please check back! Thanks!

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December 1st, 2005

11:27 am - Happy Holidays!
Special Holiday Sale! Starting bids of $9.99!!

Auctions ending soon too!


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November 20th, 2005

08:19 am - Ending Soon


Lots of auctions ending today!

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November 14th, 2005

10:30 am - NEW PURSES! And many ENDING SOON!


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November 8th, 2005

09:36 am - HANDBAGS!


eBay has coupon codes for buy it now auctions when paying with paypal. Expires 11-30-05. Please see slickdeals for more info as I'm not sure if there is a minimum purchase required for use or the exact details. Does anyone know? It seems to work for some and not for others? Please don't depend on them, I'm just passing along the coupon codes since I was given the link. :) Hope it works and saves you all some $$, and sorry if it doesn't--I hope someone knows more details!

*10% off ($25max) coupon code: C1-Holiday2005 -- > Off anything
*$5 off coupon code: C2-Holiday2005 -- > Off purchases $50 or more
*$15 off coupon code: C3-Holiday2005 -- > Off purchases $100 or more

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November 1st, 2005

11:00 am - Non-Ebay Purchases
Purses are also available for purchase off of eBay at great deals as well. Prices are usually aligned with the Buy-It-Now prices shown on eBay, but please contact me at purseloft@gmail.com for specific details should you be interested. LJ girls often receive special shipping and promotional prices, so please don't forget to let me know if you found me here. Thank you!

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10:51 am - ENDING TODAY


eBAY 124

Thanks for looking!

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